About this website

Esteban Suarez Barban

Developer, Independent Journalist, Human Rights Defender and Anti-Communist.

Ha trabajado en:

  1. Diario de Cuba
  2. Palenque Visión
  3. RedxCuba
  4. Cubanoticias.info

Sites where you can find news about the Cuban reality that the dictatorship censors.

What you can find here

This is a personal website, a blog dedicated to new technologies and where you can find information about Blockchain, Computer Security, Digital Identity, Web 3 and Decentralization of information.

To create this site I am motivated by the lack of information in the Spanish language about new technologies as well as the ignorance that some societies like the Cuban one have that face a dictatorship that uses all means to monitor its citizens violating all kinds of individual freedom.

Given this, I have given myself the task of creating guides, services, and gradually getting the societies that today are repressed by totalitarian regimes to recover their right to free expression and freedom of information.


Esteban Suarez Barban