Make your bank account in the United States without being a resident (It works from Cuba)

Esteban Suárez

Having a bank account in the United States can take your finances to another level, it is essential to be able to make payments, make transfers or simply keep track of your finances in a more organized way. However, in order to open an account, in most cases they ask you for some US identification, and if you are on vacation or have just arrived you want to establish yourself temporarily or permanently in the country, surely you do not have an SSN or ID.

In this case, your best option will be to use MyBambu, an app that allows you to open a bank account only with a passport or any foreign identity document. MyBambu is a Start Up that works in conjunction with Metropolitan Commercial Bank of New York. It is a service that has been specially designed for those Latin Americans who want to make an account in the United States.

It is an inclusive platform that allows you to create a bank account in a few minutes using an identity document from your country of origin. The best thing is that it offers you all the benefits of a conventional bank from your mobile device.

Do not miss the opportunity to create a bank account in the United States in the simplest way, to be able to make payments on your bills, make transfers and much more.

What is MyBambu Bank and how to start using it?

MyBambu works as a completely virtual bank that you can access from an app that is available for Android and iOS, and that you can find completely free on Google Play and the App Store. With this bank you can open an account from anywhere in the United States and you only need to have an identity document from your country of origin. Of course, you can also use an American ID to open your account, but the ease of being able to do it without this can only be offered by MyBambu.

After registering on this platform you can start using your account by depositing cash, receiving transfers or depositing a check without having to go to any physical bank. Once you have your money in the account, you can transfer it to any bank account in the United States, pay for services online, and much more.

As if this were not enough, by having a virtual bank account in the United States with MyBambu, you will also be able to send money to your family in Latin America, pay international service bills and recharge phones at no extra charge. This platform is a very complete and ideal solution for all Latin Americans who are within the United States. What are the benefits of using this app?

By opening your bank account for free with MyBambu, you can request a virtual card to pay for all kinds of online services and purchases. You will be able to obtain your virtual card instantly, and use it to make purchases and pay for services at more than 40,000 points of sale in the United States and Latin America. Use this card to make payments in Google Pay or Apple Pay, subscribe to online services, make purchases at Amazon or any store that accepts virtual payments and much more.

But if what you want is to have the complete experience and benefits of a conventional bank, MyBambu allows you to request a prepaid visa card to make all kinds of payments in any store or business premises and withdraw money directly from the ATM. In the app you can see all your movements and details about payments and transfers so you can keep an organized record of your transactions.

MyBambu is a completely safe and efficient app where you can deposit your money with total confidence. Best of all, this platform is completely free; You will not have to pay extra fees to make transfers or pay bills, nor will you have to present proof of credit or pay for overdrafts. Create an account in the United States right now using MyBambu Bank.

How to create my MyBambu account if I live in Cuba?

To create a MyBambu account from Cuba, the first thing you must do is install a VPN and change the location to the United States, then you must install an application to change the location of the device and when trying to access the location, the application locates you in the United States too. An identification document in your hands and a telephone number from the United States. Let’s go by steps:

  1. VPN, you must download a VPN (that works) from the Google Play Store and change the location to the United States.
  2. Install an app that changes the physical location of the device. I recommend Location Changer (In the Phone Developer settings you must activate the fake locations) then put an address in the United States.
  3. Download from the Google Play Store the TextNow or 2nd Line application to obtain a virtual number from the United States.

If you already have the above requirements, we will start the installation.

This video explains in detail the process of opening a MyBambu account.

  1. We open the MyBambu application and choose to create an account.
  2. We enter our name and surnames, our email address and a password (which we cannot forget) and repeat it. We accept the terms of service and click continue.
  3. It will ask us for the mobile phone number, we write the number we made in TextNow and click continue.
  4. We select our date of birth and click on continue.
  5. We will now have this step to choose our country of origin and what type of identification document we have. We chose Cuba and as identification method you can choose Passport (It is the fastest) or Identity Card (Verification may take longer).
  6. In this step we will get a box to scan our identity document. Choose a place with good lighting and from the same application put your identity document in the box that appears until it turns green. When you do click OK, verify that it looks good and continue.
  7. Then it asks us to take a selfie from the same device. In the box that appears, we frame the face and click on accept.
  8. We answer three security questions, these questions are very important in case you need to verify your identity or any type of telephone procedure with the Bank.
  9. We write a real address of the United States. This should be an address where you can receive your physical card in case you plan to order a physical card that you can use anywhere VISA cards work. (It can be the address of a friend, acquaintance or relative)
  10. We click on continue to all the explanations that will appear on the screen on how to use MyBambu.
  11. It will ask us to create a 4-digit security code. This code is to be able to access the application and it is very important not to forget it.
  12. If you have completed all the steps up to here, you will already be in the main window of MyBambu.
  13. Now go to your email and confirm your account in a MyBambu email that you should have received.

Now that you have your MyBambu account you can request your virtual card and then your physical card where it says Bambu Cards. In this video you can see the whole process.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you. If you want to know how to recharge your Bambu card from Cuba, contact me through the following button.

Note: MyBambu is a service designed for those who have just arrived in the United States and have not yet been able to create bank accounts or have not been able to obtain their social security number, it also offers them the possibility of helping family and friends throughout Central America. MyBambu accounts should be used with respect and never to do anything illegal.