Ethereum Instant Messenger

Esteban Suárez

Ethereum Instant Messenger is a new instant messaging service that works under the Ethereum Blockchain network.

Every time we can find more cases of use of Blockchain technology in everyday life and for those who are lovers of security and new technologies, each of them represents a space gained against the censorship and surveillance to which we are subjected.

According to the creators Blockscan Chat is a messaging platform to send messages instantly Wallet-to-Wallet. To use it, the website must be connected to an Ethereum wallet through Metamask, for example, although it has options to connect using Wallet Connect.

To receive incoming messages you only have to provide your Ethereum address to the person who writes to you and when you receive an incoming message you will have a notification via block explorer. The message itself will not be public.

Some people in the crypto ecosystem have started informally calling Ethereum Instant Messenger as AOL Instant Messenger according to, a clear allusion to one of the instant messaging platforms that helped grow the internet.

One of the reasons we may want to use EIM is because we can maintain control of our data, avoid censorship and surveillance, and maintain communications in places under the control of totalitarian regimes or dictatorships where freedom of expression does not exist.

At first, this service does not have the benefit of decentralization, but it is a big step for those of us who see in Web 3.0 a hope to reclaim the freedoms that have been taken away by the big media.

If you want to try the site, do not hesitate to enter Blockscan Chat