Learn how to restore old photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence (FREE)

Esteban Suárez

Photographs are one of the ways that we human beings have to remember events that have been important in our lives. Whether they are family photos, photos of a loved one, a walk or simply make us remember memorable events in one way or another.

Who does not have an old photo today, damaged by the passage of time? Who wouldn’t want to be able to compose a photo of a loved one? And that is precisely what GFP-GAN provides us.

GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior) was created by Xintao Wang, Yu Li, Honglun Zhang and Ting Shan, making this new feature integrated as a new architecture within the GAN model.

This allows human faces to be recovered from photographs that are damaged by the passage of time, and to do so in a few seconds.

Get these amazing results, since at first a convolutional neural network (U-Net) retouches the damaged photo to remove all the parts that are worn or simply broken. This is done thanks to StyleGAN, a network that is capable of generating faces thanks to artificial intelligence.

This network is capable of generating parts of the face that do not exist due to the poor condition of the photo and thus generate a new photograph with all the parts in good condition. Various filters and different parameters are passed to it until a result that is as close to the original image as possible is obtained.

If it is true that, in some cases, where the image of the face is extremely damaged, it may be that a face slightly different from the original image is generated, since, when trying to cover gaps or errors in the original photo, no is completely correct.

What steps should we take to restore our images?

Once we know how this website is capable of making photographs improve substantially, it is time to know what we have to do to be able to work with it and thus fix the snapshots we want.

If you do not have any image of this type, but you want to see how it works, you will always be able to search for one on the network and carry out the steps that we are going to tell you next, to observe the result:

First we must enter the website of GFP-GAN

GFP-GAN website image

Once we are inside, we will see how you have a series of photos at the bottom to perform the test and see how the software works.

If we touch on any of those images, they will be processed automatically and you can admire the result.

If we already have the photo, we must touch where it says Choose file…

The next thing is to enter our storage and select that snapshot that we want to improve substantially.

As soon as we see that it has been loaded and indicates that it is 100% (they will put it in the same place where it put Choose file…), we click on the blue button on the right where it says Restore photo.

Then we are going to realize that just below the photo that we have loaded appears on the left side of the image, so that after a few seconds, the image improved thanks to the processing appears on the right.

If we want to download the result, we just have to click on Download the restored image, a button that is just below the already modified and improved version.

Then we must click with the right mouse button on the open image, and then select Save image as.

This way you can have the image saved on your device with the restoration already done. It is an easy and free way for you to recover those photographs that you have always longed to have.