Unstoppable Domains. NFT Domains

Esteban Suárez

When you think of cryptocurrencies, electronic wallets and blockchain, you surely imagine an extremely long and complicated address. And previously it was like that, but today with Unstoppable Domains or unstoppable domains as its translation suggests, you can have a single address with an easily readable name for any supported cryptocurrency and it can serve as a web domain using IPFS (Inter Planetary File System ), as the identifier of your Digital Wallet for crypto assets and recently as Universal Login.

Unstoppable Domains is the largest company dedicated to the sale of NFT Domains, they will be in your wallet once you mine them and you can transfer them at any time without problems.

Unstoppable Domains is on a mission to bring the power of the Internet back to the people. To achieve this, we are creating NFT domains that put control of your data back in your hands. These aren’t just traditional domains, they’re superpowered domains.

And for what reason does the company express this?

Imagine a domain that you can use to receive transactions, as a website, as a method of registration or login to a website or service, that cannot be deleted and also that must not be renewed over time.

Traditional Internet domains are renewed periodically, which does not make you the owner of the domain but rather the lessor of the name you have chosen. Unstoppble Domains is the door to Web 3.0 for you, it is a domain that belongs to you, that is in the blockchain in the wallet with which you have mined it and that never requires renewal payments. How to get an unstoppable domain?

Escritorio Unstoppable Domains

You can go to the official page of Unstoppable Domains create your user and buy your Blockchain domain. With the implementation of the Domain mining process in Polygon you will not have any gas cost for the mining process, modifying your domain. How to search for a domain and buy it

When you open the Unstoppable Domains page you will have the option to search for the domain you want by name. If it is available, it will appear with the price it has depending on the extension you are going to use.

Comprar Dominio NFT

The prices to buy the domains vary, being able to find them from 5.00 USD onwards and among the payment methods that you will have available you can find payments with cryptocurrencies, debit or credit cards, PayPal, among others.

Once you have purchased the domain, you should go to My Domains and carry out the claim or mining process by connecting your Metamask wallet or another compatible one. In this step you have the option to mine the domain on the Ethereum network (high gas costs) or on Polygon (free).

Once this step is done, you go back to my domains and you will have the option to Manage the Domain (Manage) and manage all the Blockchain addresses that are going to be associated with it.

Profile UD

You can manage and create your public profile which you can share and which will be accessible with the information you want to share at https://unstoppabledomains.com/d/domainname

In Crypto you can add all the Blockchain addresses associated with your NFT domain

In Website you can create a 3.0 website with the templates that Unstoppable Domains already provides or create your own site and host it at IPFS and then associate it with your UD.

In the Avatar option you can add an NFT image that you have in your wallet to your UD.